Renewal Ranch is a 12-month program. Six months in Phase I and six months in Phase II. A promotion service after Phase 1 and a graduation celebration after completing Phase 2. During this time, residents will be given the opportunity to develop a personal love relationship with Jesus Christ. Through this relationship they can find freedom from the chains of addiction, forgiveness from their past and hope for their future. We claim the promise of 2 Corinthians 5:17 for every resident: “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”

Residents are required to live on campus during the first 6 months of the program called Phase I. They will be housed, fed and ministered to at no cost. Phase II is six months and consists of group meetings/Bible studies several times a week, attendance at chapel on Saturday, local church attendance on Sunday and weekly meeting with mentor. The key to success in Phase II is participating and remaining involved with RR.

The program consists of five components:

a. An atmosphere of love by volunteers and staff, attempting to mirror the love of God.
b. Intensive Bible study taught by local pastors, teachers, and staff. Scripture memorization accompanies these studies.
c. Camaraderie with fellow residents who are on the same journey and who serve as accountability partners.
d. Spiritual discipline through prayer, Bible reading, and meditation as well as self-discipline that comes with serving other residents and being a member of the Renewal Ranch team.
e. Serving others through community work projects and jobs in the bunkhouse.


Phase I

Phase I is designed to teach men Biblical principles for living and to serve others. Residents attend 15 classes weekly taught by local pastors and teachers on Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday they perform community services projects and other work projects. Saturday is a time for chapel services and family visitation. Sunday is devoted to visiting churches throughout Arkansas and beyond.


Phase II

Phase II is designed to provide support, encouragement, love and counsel for the men who have completed Phase I. Following graduation from Phase I, the ministry transitions to a different relationship with the men. For some of the men it means continuing to live and serve at the Bunkhouse in a supervisory role; for some it means moving to subsidized apartment living; some have relocated to Conway; and some have moved out of town and even out of state.

The foundational element of Phase II is a dedicated team of caring volunteers who serve as Mentors for the Phase II men. These are the men on the front line with our graduates. They meet with them weekly to get to know them better, offer advice and counsel, pray with them and help them meet any need that arises. During the initial phase of mentoring while they are still living at the ranch, residents will write a “Man Plan” that addresses these areas of their lives:

• Planning and diligence
• Spiritual walk
• Relationships
• Employment
• Giving and serving
• Healthy living
• Practical considerations following graduation from Phase I such as where they will live, significant obstacles to Godly living that they anticipate, relationships they need to work on, etc.

Mentoring will last for at least six months after Phase I and will focus on implementation of the graduate’s “Man Plan”.


Housing Assistance

Many graduates need financial help as they enter Phase II, and others desire to physically move away the environment that previously supported their addiction. Low-cost housing in the Conway area is available to assist these graduates to accomplish these objectives. This housing also provides close community with other graduates and evening Bible studies are provided to facilitate spiritual growth.


Our Goals

We desire to see these attitudes develop in the men during Phase I and for the men to exhibit these characteristics in their lives during Phase II and beyond:

We desire to see these attitudes in the men:
• Willingness to be held accountable
• Honesty and transparency
• Dependence on the Holy Spirit
• Readiness to forgive others and themselves
• Spiritual growth
• Attitude of service


Procedures for Admissions

Men desiring to enter Renewal Ranch Ministry must follow a three-step process:


He and his family must attend a Renewal Ranch Chapel Service. Chapel services are held on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Applications will be accepted on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. Visitors are advised to check the Coming Events section of this website for chapel location and cancellations. No appointment is necessary.


Following the chapel service, he will complete a written application and be interviewed by the Executive Director or the Assistant Director. Interviews and applications are ONLY accepted following chapel services.


He will need to sign the Applicant’s Agreement, thereby agreeing to all conditions therein.

Admission will be based on the interview, completed application, prayer, and availability of beds.

Printable Applicant Agreement