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Renewal Ranch chooses to comply with guidance from the Arkansas Department of Health, related to places of worship, with regard to lifting COVID-19 restrictions. Based on this guidance, and the discretion of senior leadership, we will allow a limited number of visitors to our campus beginning Wednesday, May 13. Visitors will only be allowed on-campus after receiving an invitation from a Renewal Ranch staff member. 

Types of visitors allowed beginning May 13, at appointed times only:

  • Disciple Making Partners for Transition Phase men

  • Transition Phase teachers

  • Up to two adult family members per Resident, plus direct-descendant children under the age of 18. 

Renewal Ranch will maintain a Check-In Station for visitors during the COVID-19 phases. This Check-In Station will be underneath the canopy in front of the Restoration Center. Every visitor must go directly to the Check-In Station as soon as they arrive on-campus. This includes any staff members who are visiting for the first time that day. 

   Check-in procedures include:

  • EVERY visitor will have his/her temperature taken via one of the ranch’s touchless thermometers.  If the reading is above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, that person must exit the campus immediately.

  • Every visitor must be asked our COVID-19 Screening Questions (copy is attached).  If anyone answers “YES” to any of the questions, that person must exit the campus immediately.  If they answer “NO” to all questions, they must sign the paper attesting to their answers.

  • Each group of visitors must maintain six-feet of separation from Residents, staff members, and other visitors. There will be no hand shaking, touching or embracing. No items or objects may be passed from visitors to Renewal Ranch Residents unless permission is given by a Renewal Ranch staff member AND the items or objects are sanitized.


No visitor will be admitted onto the Renewal Ranch campus without a face covering.  Face coverings must be worn by visitors at all times.  (Renewal Ranch will not supply the face coverings—we do not possess these supplies.)    

   The only exceptions to the wearing of face coverings will be:

  • Face coverings for children under 10 years are optional

  • Face coverings for children under 2 years old are prohibited by CDC guidelines

  • Teachers who are instructing Residents may remove face coverings to teach


ALL meetings with visitors, other than Transition Phase classes, must occur outdoors.  (Visitors may only be allowed indoors, when approved by a staff member, for quick trips to the restroom.) Visits during inclement weather will need to be rescheduled. 


No Chapel services or other large meetings on-campus are planned for the month of May. None of our men may be taken off-campus by any visitor until further notice.

Consistent with ADH guidelines, the attached signage will be prominently posted at the Check-In Station. Renewal Ranch will sanitize all high-touch surfaces at the Check-In Station (multiple times daily), and in meeting areas (prior to each visitation meeting), including chairs.

We understand that these guidelines 

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